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About Hathern Coffee.

Only The Best Suppliers

We bring you the best coffee, with shipments from all over the world. After receiving the beans, we do an exclusive treatment with great care and attention to ensure that only the best of the best goes to your home. 

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Our Speciality Coffee!

Hathern Coffee Roastery

My aim is to make specialty coffee accessible to everyone. From Pour over Perfectionists to Latte lovers, from coffee aficionados to just plain old coffee drinkers. 

I want you to find the coffee that you enjoy, whilst also tantalising your taste buds with something new. 


The flavours you taste in our coffees do not come from us, they come from the dedication and hard work of the farmers who grow these fantastic coffees. My  job is to simply roast them with care and precision, to bring out the beans' innate flavour profile. 


If you want to ditch the mainstream and jump aboard the speciality coffee boat, head to our shop now


Fresh roasted specialty coffee.

Your local artisan coffee roaster.

Working from a  Roastery at my home in Hathern, Leicestershire. 

As head Roaster (and only roaster) I take care of all things Coffee.

Hathern home roasted coffee was established and built up in 2021 where i took the time to build the micro roastery up and develop my roasting skills. After many long nights, and weekends, and plenty of human Guinea pigs, Hathern home roasted coffee was born.

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Collection via appointment only


Free local deliveries are only available within a 4 mile radius of LE12 5HZ. A charge of £1.50 will be added to your delivery orders between 5/8 mile radius of LE12 5HZ. All other locations are Standard 1st class delivery via Royal Mail £4.99



Mateusz Strunk

Always happy with coffee from Chris! Great coffee with unbeatable price for this quality! Highly recomend!

Aug 5, 2023


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