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Updated: Oct 5, 2023

New team member for this charity run! (Me) Yep I've been pulled in. Been a long time since I've had my running trainers on.

Hathern coffee is sponsoring three customers this December. They are doing a run to raise money for cancer awareness.

3 unfit lunatics take on the C25K for cancer research

In memory of

Everyone that has had their lives changed by cancer.



Unfit dad of 57, Adrian, got unexpectedly roped into completing the couch to 5K. Accompanying his daughter Sophie who is currently school age and not old enough to be running the streets alone!! After a lighthearted discussion Hannah admitted she had tried and failed to complete the the couch to 5k previously, Adrian persuaded (it didn't take much) her to join them, you only live once! All of a sudden this developed from Sophie wanting to get fit to raising some money for a good cause. Our goal is a park run just before Christmas, challenge set! If you can, please give generously. Anything you can contribute will make a difference to somebody's life. Thank you

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