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The Roasting!

Medium Roast

Colour: Medium brown.


Acidity: Moderate.

Body: Medium.

Flavour: Well-rounded with caramel sweetness, subtle acidity, and hints of chocolate.

Aroma: A harmonious blend of sweetness and nuttiness.

Caffeine: Moderate.

Best Brewing Methods: Espresso, drip coffee, and pour-over.

Recommended Coffee Equipment: Consider investing in an espresso machine for espresso lovers, or stick with a high-quality drip coffee maker for a balanced cup. Pair it with a reliable burr grinder for consistency.

Tasting Notes: Medium roast is the sweet spot for many coffee lovers. It strikes a balance between the bean's inherent flavours and the development of roasty notes. Expect a cup that's smooth, approachable, and versatile, making it a crowd-pleaser for everyday sipping.



Medium-Dark Roast

Colour: Dark brown with visible oils on the surface.


Acidity: Low.

Body: Medium to full.

Flavour: Rich and robust, with dark chocolate and roasted nut tones.

Aroma: Intensely aromatic with smoky and toasty elements.

Caffeine: Moderate to low.

Best Brewing Methods: Espresso, cold brew, and French press.

Recommended Coffee Equipment: Espresso machines and French press are ideal for bringing out the full-bodied richness of medium-dark roast beans. Pair them with a burr grinder for precise grind size control.

Tasting Notes: Medium-dark roast leans towards a bolder and more substantial coffee experience. It's characterised by prominent roast flavours, a subdued acidity, and a full-bodied profile. This roast level is ideal for those who enjoy a hearty, dark cup without the bitterness of a full dark roast.



Dark Roast

Colour: Deep brown to black.


Acidity: Very low to non-existent.

Body: Full.

Flavour: Intensely smoky, with notes of bitter chocolate and toasted grains.

Aroma: Powerful and earthy.

Caffeine: Lowest caffeine content among roast levels.

Best Brewing Methods: Espresso, Turkish coffee, and Italian Moka pot.

Recommended Coffee Equipment: Espresso machines are a go-to for dark roast enthusiasts, while a Turkish coffee pot is perfect for a traditional experience. Ensure a high-quality burr grinder for a consistent grind.

Tasting Notes: Dark roast coffee is for the bold and adventurous. It offers a deep, rich, and almost charred flavour profile. The beans' origin characteristics are often masked by the roast, resulting in a strong and bitter cup that appeals to those who prefer a more intense coffee experience.



In conclusion, the world of coffee roasting offers a diverse range of flavours and experiences to explore. From the bright and zesty light roast to the bold and smoky dark roast, each roast level has its unique charm. Your choice ultimately depends on your personal taste preferences and the brewing method you prefer. So, go ahead, embark on a coffee tasting journey, and savour the incredible variety that coffee roasting has to offer. Happy brewing!

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