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Midnight Flyer

Hathern's coffee of the month. We have been drinking this coffee for the last couple of weeks. It makes a great espresso and compliments flat whites and latte's perfectly. It's also great in a filter machine, served black or again with a dash of milk.


A clean cup with a vibrant citrus acidity, this coffee is certainly an excellent example of a fully washed coffee coming out of the Rwenzori Mountains. This coffee has been proven to work well as either a single origin espresso and on a filter.


Dark chocolate

Cranberry, Red apple

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Our Roastery will be closed from 24th May till 3rd June.

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Medium Roast Colour: Medium brown. Characteristics: Acidity: Moderate. Body: Medium. Flavour: Well-rounded with caramel sweetness, subtle acidity, and hints of chocolate. Aroma: A harmonious blend of


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