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Brazil Fazenda Miaki Yellow Bourbon

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

A smooth body, citric acidity, high sweetness, flavors of chocolate and berries.

Coffee DetailsCountry: Brazil Varietal: Yellow Bourbon Processing: Pulped naturalAltitude:  1.050 – 1.250 maslFarm:  Fazenda MiakiOwner: Miaki Family Body: Smooth Acidity: Citric, flora lFlavours: chocolate, sweet berries.


On the banks of the Lagoa do Chapadão de Ferro (known as the Iron Plateau) in the Patrocinio Cerrado region of Brazil, the Miaki family has planted their coffee farming business using sustainable practices. This unique microregion is built upon volcanic soil from a volcano that didn’t break through the surface due to a lack of gases and instead left the soil rich in minerals. Combining this with the high altitude, means the coffee grown here is slow-matured - ensuring each cup you have has an exceptional drinking quality. With a medium roast, you will receive a distinct profile consisting of a smooth body, a zip of citric acidity and high sweetness.

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