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Brazil Tropical Bahia *Top Lot*

Mango, Strawberry milkshake, raspberry.

Tropical Bahia is a product of unique

circumstances. Producers based in the highest elevations in state of Bahia have some of the best coffee cultivation conditions in Brazil but often encounter problems with drying due to high humidity and rainfall during the harvest and processing season. For this reason many choose to transport their cherries around 50km to the neighbouring Caatinga biome, known for its warmer, drier climate. En route, the cherries undergo a unique fermentation process in a closed truck. The process never lasts more than 24 hours, but the resulting cup profile is packed with fruity sweetness.



Region Bahia

Single Estate

Natural/Dry Processed

Natural with extended cherry fermentation


Meet some of our Tropical Bahia Producers

Olam has presence in the region through our buying unit in Vitoria da Conquista and during the harvest period this we are even closer to the producers with the Olam Truck, our mobile buying unit, allowing us to work with the most remote producers in the region.

Manoelito Ataide Santos, Fazenda Baixadao

“I had great influence from my Father who has always lived in the countryside. I left other activities that I had, and decided to be a coffee producer, just like my father was, replicating his knowledge.”

Sidmar Candido Da Silva, Fazenda Campo Belo

“Coffee is our main source of income. Our Family comes together and carries out all the harvest and post-harvest work together. With great dedication, we always seek to improve our coffee quality.

Brazil Tropical Bahia *Top Lot*

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6,80£Cena Rabatowa
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