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Tasting Notes:

Chocolate, Caramel and nut aroma, plum, red fruits, velvety body & citric acidity.

Varieties Available:

Yellow Catuai

Processing Method: Natural

Country: Brazil

Region: Sul de Minas

Altitude: 1100m

Producer: Humberto Filho

Located in the south of Minas Gerais, Santa Izabel farm has always been recognized for the high quality of its coffees. In 2013 it was acquired by Nobletree Coffee Farms from its former owner Marco Suplicy. The farm went through

reformulations and in 2017 began to reap its new fruits. In 2017 their bourbon plantation was present at the Cup of Excellence. Now, as the older sections are being renovated, the focus is on renewal.

Currently the farm has 40 different varieties to test which coffees will taste better and will be best produced for the next harvests. Santa Izabel farm adopts good socio-environmental practices and preserves the quality of each crop, as well as courses and workshops for small producers in the region, strengthening their ties and helping them find the best buyers.

Brazilian Humberto Filho

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